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Deadwood A small gold rush town... Straight out of the old west!

Free concerts, cheap whiskey, pretty girls... and all the wicked behavior you can stand.

No problems... right? (Unless you are a young girl just trying to get by).

This page is dedicated to Della Star... she feels no pain now!

Della was in a deep coma by Christmas... and died shortly after. (She was not even an adult yet, but her desire to become one helped them kill her)!

     The drug lords of Deadwood noticed a total of 3 girls named Della that had great potential at around age 13, but the only drug they would do was pot... "That will never work" the leader of the pack said. We must get them hooked on coke and control everything they do. (Della #1 was still too underdeveloped on the top side, she can do hand jobs... maybe blow jobs if she don't puck)! Get her a mini skirt and no underpants, let everybody probe her a bit while she jerks them off. We can offer her as a tease for now and start the bidding later, give her a nice bud and a little X... Now, Della #2 is a half-breed Mexican/Indian sweetie. We get a lot of call for that... get her hooked before somebody else does!

     Randal explained the instructions (given to him by the queen pimp Donna Kellar) and showed me the mixed bag of drugs he got for doing as ordered to this third girl with that name. He went on to tell about what else they said... Della #3 has everything we want and is almost 15, we need to hurry up before she gets too old for the trade... start her off on the pure coke and get her naked in the hot tub! "Promise whatever, but only get her ready, we have someone else to give her what she really needs" were the final words! He did as told because he really needed his coke by then, although he had always been fond that Della!

     You may be thinking I am making some of this up... That could never happen in a small town without people knowing about it? Well, I assure you it did happen... But I am sorry to say it happened in 2006, and THAT Della can no longer tell you why it happened or what happened next. But a few other girls named Della still can and I hope someone will help save them. But if you really truly care, maybe you could help me save them all. We should start at the top of the list - Angel, Bella, Crystal... (If you are pretending to save only one, and actually just want her for yourself then take one of those named after the drug some parent was on when that girl was conceived... she may never be missed). If you are actually serious then start with the youngest. She will be around 13. You will find none left to save over the age of 18 (they start looking real bad by then... and too strung out on cheap Meth to be good for anything). By that time Donna would have said "just sell them down the river if you can".

APRIL 2016 UPDATE: It has now been over 15 years since Donna began giving away free drugs to all who would fall for it... She now has a second generation available to carry on. It has been almost 10 years since the first girl went down, many more followed her... Some of these pages have been served since 2009, without any real progress?

NOW, you say... call the law, tell the town fathers, or sue somebody! (But don't go to the ones in line for that coke or those fresh young girls, that was our first mistake). OK then, just shoot somebody! (Actually, that has also happen... and the first one shot at was me).

     This reminded me of that HBO series about this town... The clip above was in the opening scene! (You can expand it and watch full screen).

NOTE: Nobody ever "scooped gold" from any creek with their bare hands. Newspapers just printed words like that to sell more newspapers and men said stuff like that to attract fresh money! (Sorry, it is time to speak only the truth).

     You may be wondering, why do I complain now... after almost twenty years of silence? In fact actually I did speak up before, several times I saw cocaine addition becoming a serious problem in town. So did others... but normally everybody involved was an adult, and common sense prevailed. (Although each time before very long some other group would move in and nothing really changed that much). Serious drug problems always follow big money, about the only thing you can do is get foolish people to spend that money on other things... Maybe somebody could start up a fund drive for the little girls who are still alive!  Find them some Girl Scout outfits and get them selling cookies or something. (Actually someone with the Kellar Cartel thought of that too. And the perverts got to eat one mint cookie each time... served right out of her private slot). I am not trying to get cute here. I am trying to get your attention!

     Some will always say that is vulgar and untrue. Others are afraid there is a picture somewhere showing just that... so they do not bother. Instead, a few were saying (after I started ruining their coke business by 2009) that I caused a worse problem in our High School soon afterwards. (The coke dried up... and along with it, many other drugs of choice). Before long nobody could get anything but "Roids & Meth" the worst possible thing to become addicted to while kids are still growing... Can't they just forget about winning football teams and the sexiest cheerleaders in the hills? What happened to thinking about college and marriage like we did years ago!

     When prostitution within Deadwood was "formally" outlawed in 1978 (after supporting the area for over 100 years) the entire town simply went broke... literally! (After a while the fire escapes began to fall off of the backs of the buildings on main street. Many water pipes broke in the winter and they just turned off the water! Before long the shops did not even have an indoor bathroom for tourists during our busy summer season). Within five years we had one fire truck, several cop cars, and the city dump truck out of service... in fact, it seemed like everything was broke or in poor repair! Throughout those entire ten years the town leaders lobbied hard and finally (1988) they voted in legal gambling. The tables were brought out of the back rooms for all to play! We even got some "Vegas style"  slot machines. People came from all over, and all year long too! The naughty girls stopped giving it away for free just to get fed... Money was plentiful and everyone was happy, lots of babies were born the following year! (Look at the percentage numbers... The Deadwood 50 mile circle beat the NYC Blackout)! This "boom" continued for several years in fact. And almost half of these babies started out as nice little girls too. (I was lucky that all of mine had a head start, my youngest girl was already ten when the new gold rush started). It took the town many more years to fix everything... and the last thing to get fixed were the support walls on the hillsides! (We all live in Deadwood Gulch... the only flat area is on main street, many homes have walls to help keep them on the hillside). That was when my noisy personality came into play. By 2005 three of my kids had purchased older homes, all in need of new support walls. (As much as 13 million per year had been going into that "Historic" wall fund). Someone in my family should be able to get some of that you would think... Not a chance they said, "not in the next twenty years either" you loud-mouth son of nobody... take that to the bank! (They were right about that too. It has been many years now that the "historic rebuild fund" has pumped millions per year into the support of those who "know how to play the game" and are quiet about the progress! Some did far better than others! By last count the Donna Kellar group had "acquired" many homes and 13 casinos. (When Donna came here in 2001 she had only three or four homes in her "reality business" and two of those were underwater! All of a sudden she had 46... most with free and clear/fancy support walls. As I understood when that program started the "local" person had to now remain in their home for the next five years to qualify)?  She got all the "moral" support she ask for too. And "Marvin the Snake" got rich building those walls. But then it appears he got their drugs mixed up with his pills and they found him dead in his bed one morning.

There were too be many others dead from their drugs before long, those names far too numerous to mention on the first page. But very few of the bad guys are dead yet? Even now... an entire generation later?

Although some may have a heart attack when the video or pictures of them appear, most will just do what they always did... (get even) or simply go on acting like they are "above such nonsense" as before.

What little I have learned in life... one thing I know for sure. People who are old and set in their ways do not willingly change for the better. One must start over with the young. But first, you must make sure they are safe!

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A detailed explanation about crimes committed (related to money and evil) FROM THE BEGINNING UP UNTIL 2016! (PG rated pictures, X rated text, G rated video).

OR, stay safe and go right to the end for the final words spoken...

A PG rated page on what to do about it (related to what we need, rather than what you want).

If you do not care about some "local" problem in Deadwood... but would like to know more about girls having drug problems, click below.

A G rated video and PG rated text about girls on drugs (related to how evil things can get, even for nice girls).